Andrea & Stefan Aufleger established the business in 1990 and use their unique blend of professional experience, expertise and sense of design to create a harmonious relationship between all aspects of the business – from the finely coordinated menus to the bedtime sweets. Stefan Aufleger, a top chef with more than 30 years of international experience, has been working voluntarily for the Examination Commission for Cooks since 1999 and has supervised (amongst other projects) a culinary development aid project in Nepal and Kirghizia. Andrea Aufleger is a certified colour designer and takes care of both the organisation of the business and the interior design.

Chef Benny Hehl brings his experience from some of Germany’s best restaurants. He has been leading Tafelfreuden’s culinary dream team since 2004 with wonderful creativity and great enthusiasm. Restaurant- and hotel director Sebastian Urban is also involved in the Examination Commission and works with great dedication to ensure that all the needs of our guests are met to perfect satisfaction.

We have been committed to training restaurant- and hotel employees as well as professional cooks since 1990.

Hotel and Restaurant
Stefan Aufleger, Owner
Alexanderstr. 23
D-26121 Oldenburg

Fon: +49(0)441.83227
Fax: +49(0)441.83228

Restaurant Di-Sa from 18h